EGCG and leptin to slim you down

Guest post is provided by Cellan. EGCG, a catechin and leptin can regulate appetite, boost metabolism, increase body energy and help to lose weight. Cellan Diet Pills are rich in EGCG and leptin and help you to lose weight.

EGCG’s ability to burn fat and lose weight has been well documented. Many researchers find that green tea extract to contain EGCG in abundance and this ingredient alone leads to weight loss. Imagine an additional ingredient to accelerate the fat burning process and to improve weight loss? This is what inner parts of African mango that is rich in leptin do. Cellan Pills contains both of these ingredients and others to improve fat burning process and lose weight as a result.

EGCG increases thermogenesis (heat production) in the body through calorie burn and use of stored fat energy. Additionally, EGCG has also being linked to stopping the growth of fat cells in the body. Drinking just green tea alone is not enough to get the fat burning and stronger supplements that have concentrated EGCG can help to get immediate benefit. Leptin on the other hand help through sending signals to the brain to control food intake and help you to lose weight.


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